Call for Hackers: Join the COMPAR-EU Hackathon in Hamburg!

The 24h hackathon takes place on 10/06 – 11/06/22

START: 10/06, 4:00 PM
END: 11/06, 4:00 PM

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What is the COMPAR-EU project about?

COMPAR-EU project aims to identify and compare the most effective and cost-effective self-management interventions (SMIs) for adults in Europe living with one of the four high-priority chronic conditions: type 2 diabetes, obesity, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and heart failure. The SMIs help patients to increase their skills and confidence in managing their chronic condition with the intention to promote and maintain, their health. Our main product is an innovative information technology platform featuring self-management tools to support decision-making on self-management interventions for different end users such as healthcare professionals, policymakers, guideline developers, as well as patients.

The challenge

We want to ensure that our platform remains attractive, so the challenge of the COMPAR-EU Hackathon is:

How can the sustainability of the www.self-management.eu decision-making tool platform be ensured?

What is the aim of the hackathon?

We are looking for young researchers and professionals who will be working together in interdisciplinary teams to maintain the sustainability of the COMPAR-EU platform from the different perspectives, for instance:

  • how to use artificial intelligence (AI) for automatic updates of evidence into decision-tools
  • how to use application programming interface (API) to transfer the data to other applications

The most important thing is to have fun and share new knowledge with other hackers!

Why should you participate?

Attending the hackathon, you will get an opportunity to:

  • be part of maintaining the sustainability of an online innovative platform for self-management tools
  • learn about new innovations, self-management tools, and state-of-the-art research developed by the COMPAR-EU consortium
  • network and exchange knowledge with other young researchers and professionals
  • network with committee members who are professionals at the top of their fields
  • show your talents and improve your CV
  • enjoy good food and visit Hamburg

Who can apply?

Master’s, PhD students, young researchers and professionals from the following fields:

  • Information technology /Business information technology
  • Healthcare management
  • Medicine
  • Graphic design, Interface design
  • Marketing, Communication
  • other related courses of study

What is the award?

The 1st price is 1000 € for the team

What about costs?

We will reimburse travel costs up to 150€ and costs of accommodation up to 150€ for one night.
For more information, please e-mail us at contact@self-management.eu


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 754936.

Register now

Registration is open until 6:00 pm on 03/06/22. Please note that the capacity is limited. We look forward to seeing you! Note: We will reimburse your travel costs up to a maximum of 150€ and the cost of an overnight stay up on Friday, June 10, to a maximum of 150€.

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For the night we will book the accommodation incl. breakfast in a hotel close to the event.