COMPAR-EU results

Development of a taxonomy for self-management interventions (SMIs) for patients with type 2 diabetes, obesity, COPD and heart failure

Prioritisation of patient-important outcomes
COS Workshop on 10th and 11th of July in Berlin

Niño de Guzmán, E., Pardo-Hernández, H., Viteri- García, A., Fraile-Navarro, D., Pérez-Bracchiglione, J., Salas-Gama, K. & Alonso-Coello, P. (2018). Scoping review of systematic reviews of how patients living with chronic conditions value the importance of outcomes. Poster presented at the 14th annual G-I-N conference, September 2018, Manchester, UK.


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Topic-relevant publications

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Methodology-relevant publications

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Guidance for Health Professionals

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