COMPAR-EU News and Events


The 16th GIN conference will take place virtually from 25 to 27 October.

The theme for 2021 will be: Future Forward: Relevant, implementable and sustainable guidelines.

We will present two Poster Presentations at the GIN Conference 2021.

Our contributions:

  1. Development and user-testing of patient decision aids for self-management interventions for four chronic conditions: COMPAR-EU project.
    Presenting Author: Claudia Valli
  2. Selection process of the most promising self-management interventions for four chronic conditions: a GRADE based approach using network meta-analysis.
    Presenting Author: Jessica Beltran

Registration for GIN 2021 is now open!

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The second EPF (European Patients´ Forum) Congress on “Digital transformation of healthcare: The added value of patient partnerships” will take place virtually on 26-29 October 2021.

The congress will explore what meaningful patient involvement means in a rapidly changing healthcare environment using new technologies, and why it is critical to successful innovation.

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This year´s theme of EPH Conference 2021 is Our Food, Our Health, Our Earth : A Sustainable Future for Humanity.
The conference will be held in the Convention Centre Dublin, Ireland.

This conference hopes to open up a discussion with a focus on gender and health, at health care delivery generally, the use of digital tools, and the necessary staffing and skills to provide good care. Participants will, in line with the overall conference theme, look in depth at the climate emergency, and very specifically at the human food supply.

Subthemes are:

  • Gender health at the margins or the centre?
  • Digital Health
  • Workforce and Skills
  • Climate Emergency
  • Food policy, global health and the Sustainable Development Goals

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Self Care Week is an annual national awareness week that focuses on embedding support for self care across communities, families and generations.
Practise Self Care for Life is the theme and organisations are being encouraged to use Self Care Week as a hook to help people “practise” self care for a healthier, happier life.

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