self-management interventions should be included in clinical guidelines?

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self-management interventions are most cost-effective in practice?

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self-management interventions work best for my condition?

What is the COMPAR-EU project?

What is the COMPAR-EU project?

COMPAR-EU is a multimethod, inter-disciplinary project that will contribute to bridging the gap between current knowledge and practice of self-management interventions. COMPAR-EU aims to identify, compare, and rank the most effective and cost-effective self-management interventions (SMIs) for adults in Europe living with one of the four high-priority chronic conditions: type 2 diabetes, obesity, chronic obstructive pulmonary

disease, and heart failure. The project will provide support for policymakers, guideline developers and professionals to make informed decisions on the adoption of the most suitable self-management interventions through an IT platform, featuring decision-making tools adapted to the needs of a wide range of end users (including researchers, patients, and industry).

An EU-Funded Project Supporting Self-Management

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Key elements & benefits of patient self-management

Thanks to all interviewee who participated in this video that we have recorded at the European PatientsĀ“ Forum Congress 2019.


Call for Panel Members on Self-Management Interventions for Heart Failure

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Work Packages

COMPAR-EU is based on a multimethod, interdisciplinary approach. The project exists of three main phases and is divided into ten work packages (WP), integrating partners from Belgium, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands and Spain.

*WP1 and WP10 are not presented in the figure as they draw on the entire project. The objective of WP1 is to ensure compliance with the ethics requirements. WP10 addresses the overall strategic project coordination and management.


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