New COMPAR-EU leaflet on recommendations for the future, the platform and Self-Management Europe

The COMPAR-EU project team recently the second leaflet containing new updates on the work on the project and an outlook on the future. These are the main topics:

The innovative COMPAR-EU platform

The online platform presents the main results of the COMPAR-EU project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program. The goal of this platform is to facilitate a smooth transition from the evidence generated to practice. It was launched in July 2022.

Check out the tools of the COMPAR-EU platform to support self-management.

Recommendations for the future

Check out our recommendations on SMI taxonomy, Core Outcome Sets, Effective SMIs, Cost-effective SMIs and Contextual factors.


The European Research and Innovation Centre on Patient Empowerment and Self-Management, called “Self-Management Europe”, is a not-for-profit partnership of organisations working on patient empowerment and self-management with a special focus on chronic diseases. We publish Alerts that aim to contribute to greater awareness and accessibility of self-management support for patients, especially for those living with a chronic condition The Alerts address healthcare professionals, managers and other stakeholders looking for practical recommendations to implement practices that enhance self-management and patient empowerment.

Check out four Issues of the Alert.

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