COMPAR-EU Final Newsletter

Dear readers,

it is a pleasure for our consortium to publish this last COMPAR-EU newsletter. Our project
is coming to its completion at the end of this year.

We take this opportunity to thank you once again for your interest and contributions. We
also want to highlight that all our achievements have been possible only because of the
great collaborative efforts from all partners over the last five years. We have both enjoyed
and learned from our work and complementary expertise. Congratulations and thank you
very much to everyone!

In this issue, we cover the relevant activities carried out during the last semester. The
main focus was on dissemination efforts: the research conference which presented the
project’s results and opportunities for sustainability; the advocacy conference held with
patients and policymakers to create awareness about self-management; and
presentations about the platform on different occasions.

We hope the project results will reach our different audiences and offer new opportunities
to improve self-management.

We especially recommend that you read the article covering a spin-off that emerged
from COMPAR-EU: Self-management Europe (SME). SME will allow us to keep the
platform updated or generate new resources helpful for various target groups. We look
forward to continuing our contact with you through this initiative.

In this context, instead of saying goodbye, we’ll see you soon! We wish you a merry
Christmas and a great new year!

On behalf of the COMPAR-EU project,

Carola Orrego
Project coordinator

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