The COMPAR-EU platform launched

Evidence for existing self-management interventions (SMIs) is increasing exponentially, as is the need for strategies and tools to facilitate their implementation. COMPAR-EU consortium partners are delighted to announce the launch of an information technology platform to support decision making on SMIs for different end users with the four relevant chronic diseases: type 2 diabetes, obesity, COPD and heart failure.

This interactive COMPAR-EU platform hosts several products to support decision making on self-management interventions

Interactive Summary of Findings tables (iSoF)

The iSoF helps to guide developers and healthcare professionals in finding and understanding the main results regarding the effectiveness of SMIs for core outcomes sets (COS) that are considered relevant for stakeholders of the four chronic diseases.

Evidence to Decision frameworks (EtD) and recommendations

The purpose of this framework is to help policymakers and managers make decisions about SMIs targeted to the 4 chronic diseases when more than two options are available. EtD frameworks can inform on the pros and cons of each intervention, ensure the criteria that determines a decision are being considered, help to structure discussion and form the bases for decisions transparent to those affected by a policy decision. Ad hoc panels have constituted teams to formulate recommendations for each condition using the EtD frameworks.

Patient Decision Aids

These tools are designed to help reach a shared decision between the healthcare professional and patient regarding SMIs that are tailored to patient preferences regarding specific outcomes or intervention characteristics.

Results from network meta-analysis, cost-effectiveness and contextual factors

Specific results derived from the network meta-analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis, and interactive report of contextual factors influencing the implementation of SMIs have also been integrated into the platform.

Repositories of RCTs, tools and interventions

This section is especially helpful for researchers and clinicians. It presents a catalogue of interventions classified by a taxonomy, a catalogue of self-management tools (composed mainly by PROMs and PREMs) to evaluate the relevant outcomes (COS), and a catalogue of randomized control trials that have analyzed SMIs.

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