14th annual G-I-N conference

On 11th till 14th of September 2018, the G-I-N Annual Conference took place in Manchester, UK. This year´s conference was titled: “Why we do what we do: the purpose and impact of guidelines”. The conference was co-hosted by two founder members: NICE (The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) and SIGN (Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network).

The event was an exciting opportunity for all those who work with guidelines in health and social care to come together. A wide range of issues have been discussed, including the benefits of guidelines for patients and how they can support shared decision-making to address variations in care. It was an exciting opportunity to reflect on what peers are doing in the field of evidence-based practice, what challenges we face in the digital age, and the role that guidelines play in driving and enabling high quality care.

IR-HSCSP presented a poster on a scoping review of systematic reviews of how patients living with chronic conditions value the importance of outcomes for self-management. The aim of the review was to determine what outcomes have a bigger impact on patients’ daily life, how it is living with their condition, patients’ views regarding self-management, and barriers or facilitators for self-management interventions in the four conditions: Type 2 Diabetes, COPD, Heart Failure and Obesity. Based on the review, infographics were developed for our COMPAR-EU COS workshop on prioritisation of patient-important outcomes. The infographics were distributed at the beginning of the discussions as supporting material to clarify concepts or to provide guidance on patients´perspectives as reported in the literature.